Community Investments

At CAHEC, we are proud to go beyond simply providing equity financing and tax credit syndication for developments in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic. We also dedicate our time to providing wellness and education opportunities that build on existing community strengths, emphasize community potential, and foster self-determination. By offering these opportunities, we believe our residents will achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential.

Wellness Grants

Our wellness grants are designed to help improve residents’ health and wellbeing by providing personalized wellness opportunities that can help ensure they maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Education Grants

We are pleased to help empower our residents by offering life-changing educational opportunities that enable them to pursue their educational goals.

Loan Programs

At CAHEC, we offer a variety of loans intended to help developers and nonprofits with carryover and predevelopment costs.

Open Doors Homeownership Grant

CAHEC created the Open Doors Homeownership Grant to assist nonprofit organizations in the development of affordable housing for sale to low-income households in our footprint.