CAHEC is a nonprofit regional tax credit equity syndicator located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Originally created in 1992 to help finance the development of affordable rental housing in North Carolina, our territory has moved beyond North Carolina’s borders to encompass eleven southeastern and mid-Atlantic states, plus the District of Columbia, over the last two decades. Our core business has also expanded from an exclusive focus on qualified low-income housing tax credit developments to include a variety of tax credit preservation and community revitalization projects.

Beyond Tax Credit Syndication

CAHEC is more than just a provider of equity financing. As we have broadened our tax credit expertise, we have also evolved into a service organization whose principles and values support our mission. CAHEC is committed to being a sustainable and relevant presence within the communities we serve by investing our company’s own income in a number of grants and loans designed to invigorate and support historically-underserved households and neighborhoods. Through these innovative Community Investments initiatives, we have granted more than $15 million and lent more than $87 million to residents, communities, and other organizations with missions similar to ours. Overall, our goal is to meet the needs of our partners and residents, and ensure the long-term impact of our efforts is the provision of sustainable and healthy communities. We encourage you to read more about our team and how we are making an impact in the communities we serve.


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