Tax Credit Products

CAHEC is proud to offer a range of tax credit products designed to finance the construction of quality rental housing and support the development and rehabilitation of various commercial and mixed-use properties in distressed and rural communities. To learn more about investment opportunities with CAHEC, please contact Mark Gipner at 919-788-1801 or To learn more about our development partnerships, please contact Greg Mayo at 919-788-1810 or

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

CAHEC helps connect private investors with developers seeking funding for qualified Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) developments. In total, we have raised over $2.4 billion in equity funding to finance over 33,600 units of low-income housing in the Southeast.

Historic Tax Credits

In addition to LIHTCs, CAHEC also specializes in historic credits. CAHEC has organized ten historic-only equity funds that do not include the syndication of LIHTCs. Some of these historic-only funds involve the syndication of state historic tax credits as well.

New Markets Tax Credits

CAHEC created a New Markets Tax Credit entity to focus on utilizing our New Markets Tax Credit allocations to help finance a range of real estate and community facility projects throughout the Southeast. This funding has helped revitalize low-income communities throughout the Southeast by creating and improving access to jobs, educational opportunities, and goods and services.

Renewable Energy Tax Credits

CAHEC created a renewable energy entity to invest in qualifying solar power installations within its footprint. In late 2014, CAHEC closed its first investment, a $50 million federal and state credit transaction where an institutional investor acquired 26 megawatts of solar energy generating facilities in Northeastern North Carolina through a sale-leaseback structure.