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Our Vision & Mission

CAHEC’s mission is to provide communities with affordable housing and opportunities for growth and revitalization by investing in qualified tax credit products. We envision sustainable communities, offering housing and life-changing opportunities to their residents. CAHEC is a nonprofit tax credit syndicator that helps develop and foster healthy neighborhoods by raising equity capital and investing in affordable rental housing and community revitalization. To further our impact on communities, we go beyond simply financing the development of housing to provide residents in our footprint with economic, educational, and enrichment opportunities.

CAHEC’s Diversity Statement

We are committed to building a workplace where diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are pillars to the foundation of our community. We believe our company thrives only when all employees do, and acknowledge that our efforts to dismantle racism, sexism and other barriers require consistent effort.


Created in 1992, CAHEC ranks as one of the largest nonprofit equity syndicators in the United States. Our mission is to provide communities with affordable housing and opportunities for growth and revitalization by investing in qualified tax credit products.

To further our impact, CAHEC also provides innovative initiatives that empower residents, promote the development of affordable rental and ownership housing, and foster sustainability within the communities it serves.

CAHEC Capital, Inc.

CAHEC Capital, Inc. is a nonprofit financial institution that promotes community development by providing LIHTC developers with loans and technical assistance in an effort to foster healthy, empowered, and sustainable housing.

CAHEC Foundation

By offering various wellness and education opportunities, the CAHEC Foundation goes beyond affordable housing to ensure low-income residents receive the critical resources they need to succeed.

CAHEC New Markets

CAHEC New Markets, LLC is a certified Community Development Entity that raises capital through the New Markets Tax Credit program for lending to qualified businesses in low-income communities.

CAHEC Management, Inc.

CAHEC Management, Inc., a nonprofit affiliate of CAHEC, is a property management company serving CAHEC’s footprint. Established in 2020 after CAHEC purchased the assets of Boyd Management, Inc. – one of the largest privately held management firms in the Southeast - CAHEC Management, Inc. oversees the daily operations of over 350 rental properties across multiple states and provides residents with high-quality housing and community support.

CAHEC Properties Corporation

CAHEC Properties Corporation is a non-profit subsidiary of CAHEC that preserves and owns affordable housing in the Southeast. In addition to acting as the general partner of approximately 200 residential properties in five states, CAHEC Properties Corporation continually pursues investments that align with its core mission of preserving, improving, and expanding affordable housing opportunities.

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Making an Impact

Each year we share a “Making an Impact” report that summarizes our accomplishments and highlights the steps we’ve taken to fulfilling our vision. To explore the impact, we were able to meet as an organization between July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022.

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Partners Conference

The CAHEC Partners Conference promises a congenial opportunity for networking and keeping informed about changes in the tax credit arena.

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