Asset Management

Asset Management

CAHEC is dedicated to the long-term success of the properties in our tax credit portfolio. Our nationally-certified asset management team closely monitors the financial performance, occupancy, physical condition, and compliance of each one of our properties. Asset management begins immediately after a deal is acquired and continues throughout the construction, lease-up, and operating phase.

Asset Management

The Asset Management Department’s primary goals are to ensure our projects serve as assets for their communities and residents for the long term and to ensure our investors realize the projected benefits anticipated from each investment. This is achieved by providing financial and physical oversight, compliance monitoring, construction management, and partnership administration. The department identifies and mitigates an investment’s risks from inception throughout its compliance period. CAHEC also hosts an annual conference featuring sessions dedicated to property and asset management.


The following information lists the deadlines for Property Managers.

Quarterly Operating Reports

First Quarter Due: April 15

Second Quarter Due: July 15

Third Quarter Due: October 15

Fourth Quarter Due: January 15

Monthly Operating Reports

Operating Reports are due the 15th of every month following the project’s fully qualified occupancy date.

Tax Return and Schedule K-1’s – February 15:
On or before the above-mentioned deadline, forward a copy of your completed draft tax return to FORVIS, LLP and CAHEC. Also please send your calculation of federal, AMT, and ACE depreciation, if applicable. Do not file the tax return with the Internal Revenue Service until you have received authorization from FORVIS, LLP. A final copy of your tax return will be required by February 28.

Draft Audited Financial Statements – February 15:
On or before the above-mentioned deadline, forward a copy of your draft audited financial statements and the selected workpapers referred to in the Back-up Requirements Checklist of Audits to FORVIS, LLP.

Audited Financial Statements – March 1:
On or before the above deadline, forward a copy of your unbound audited financial statements to FORVIS, LLP. Please do not finalize the audit until you have received authorization from CAHEC.


CAHEC is pleased to help give our property managers access to all of the resources they need to perform their reporting tasks successfully. For more information about your reporting deadlines, please visit the reporting section above.

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