Employee Spotlight: Irish Farmer

Irish Farmer

CAHEC has been around for over 29 years, and part of the reason we have been so successful is because of our great partners and residents. The other part of our success is directly attributed to the CAHEC staff, which now includes 47 people.

One employee in particular – Irish Farmer – recently celebrated her 20-year anniversary at CAHEC. Irish is one of the Asset Managers our partners work with on tenant file audits, site visits/inspections, and the review of each property’s financial well-being. “There are so many things I love about working at CAHEC,” Irish explained. “But one of my favorite things is that we go beyond just providing communities with safe and affordable housing. We care about the residents who live there, too. I have seen so many residents obtain their degrees, go back to school to get their high school diploma, and some have even become first-time homebuyers. These life-changing opportunities may not have been possible without CAHEC.”

Irish started as a Compliance Manager for CAHEC in 2001, and her role has progressed to include both compliance and asset management duties. Another thing that has changed? CAHEC’s evolution over the 20 years she has been here. “We started out with less than 10 people on staff, and now we are close to 50! Our portfolio has also skyrocketed to include over 700 properties. Our growth is definitely a reflection of how successful we are as a company, and I can’t wait to see where we go from here!”

While most CAHEC employees stay in the office to complete their day-to-day job duties, the Asset Management team is out in the field seeing our mission play out in real life. “I wish my co-workers could experience the conversations I have with residents,” Irish described. “It’s normal for residents to be in the lobby or on their patio waiting for us to arrive. At first, I didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing – but it has been great! I love to hear them say how much they appreciate the housing they live in. It’s probably one of the most rewarding parts of my job – just hearing that we’ve made a difference in so many lives and knowing I’m a part of it.”

CAHEC is proud to have such dedicated employees as part of our team! Thank you for all that you do, Irish!