CPA’s/Management Agents Upload Portal

Welcome to CAHEC’s Sharefile document upload portal. We appreciate your partnership and take the security of personal information seriously. Use of this portal is the preferred method of submitting all mid-year and year-end related documents. Once uploaded, documents are immediately available to CAHEC staff.

Submission Guidelines

When uploading documents via the links below, please be sure to use the following suggested naming convention:

- Partnership name XXXX (CURRENT TAX YEAR) draft tax return (ex: 123 Partners LLC 2020 draft tax return)
- Partnership name XXXX (CURRENT TAX YEAR) draft final audit (ex: 123 Partners LLC 2020 final audit)
- Partnership name XXXX (CURRENT TAX YEAR) backup requirements (ex: 123 Partners LLC 2020 backup requirements)

When uploading a revised version of a previously submitted document, please indicate that it is revised in the naming convention suggested above.

Partnership name XXXX (CURRENT TAX YEAR) draft revised draft audit (ex: 123 Partners LLC 2020 revised draft audit).

Key Dates

Required Reports10/31 Year-end Submissions12/31 Year-end Submissions
Engagement LettersNovember 1January 1
Draft Tax Return and Schedule K-1sNovember 30February 15
Draft Audited Financial StatementsDecember 15February 15
Final Tax Return and Schedule K-1sJanuary 15February 28
Final Audited Financial StatementsJanuary 15March 1
Back-up Requirements ChecklistDecember 15February 15

Mid-Year Compilation Documents

DRAFT Tax Return & Schedule K1s

DRAFT Audited Financial Statements

FINAL Tax Return & Schedule K1s

FINAL Audited Financial Statements

Back-up Requirements

CPA Engagement Letters

Need help?

For assistance with document uploads, please contact either your asset manager, Lilybel Belen at, or Will Lane at