Asset Management with CAHEC

CAHEC is dedicated to the long-term success of the properties in our tax credit portfolio. Our nationally-certified asset management team closely monitors the financial performance, occupancy, physical condition, and compliance of each one of our properties. All team members receive training from recognized experts in the industry and are nationally certified compliance specialists.

Asset management begins immediately after a deal is acquired and continues throughout the construction, lease-up, and operating phase. Consequently, our asset management team begins analyzing the financial projections, market feasibility, and compliance status of projects during the underwriting process before they are submitted to the Investment Committee for review. Once a community is placed in service, CAHEC monitors the investment for compliance with the section 42 program, fair housing, and lender requirements, as well as to ensure financial stability.

 Teaming with Property Managers

CAHEC’s asset management team provides training for all property managers and developers of investments being admitted to CAHEC-sponsored equity funds. In addition to in-person training, CAHEC provides various resources for reporting, including asset management and property management forms. Additionally, our staff works with property managers and development teams on marketing strategy and provides management advice as needed. CAHEC also hosts an annual conference featuring sessions dedicated to property management.

 Investing in our Residents

CAHEC’s Community Investments division is also available to advise developers interested in utilizing CAHEC’s innovative Community Investments at their properties. CAHEC’s Community Investments are an array of value-added services delivered by CAHEC that include a number of grants and loans designed to invigorate and support historically underserved households and neighborhoods. Our staff will provide in-depth orientations for all developers and property managers outlining all available grants and loans, along with technical assistance during the online application process and marketing tools to be used on-site.

For more information on CAHEC’S Asset Management, please contact Sonya Prear at 919-788-1804 or