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New Markets Community Grant

Grant Summary

The goal of CAHEC New Markets (CNM) is to stimulate economic and community development and create and improve access to jobs and services in low-income communities. To support its New Markets Tax Credit investments, CAHEC New Markets is partnering with the CAHEC Foundation to provide funds to further a New Markets Tax Credit investment’s positive community impact.

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New Markets Community Grant

The New Markets Community Grant is a one-time grant designed to assist CNM partners in providing life- changing opportunities to youth and young adults through wellness and education. The grant amount is calculated based on 0.25% of the allocation provided by CNM.

For example, a $10 million allocation would make the CNM partner eligible to apply for a New Markets Community Grant of up to $25,000.

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To learn more about CAHEC’s New Markets Community Grant, please contact Stefanie Lee at 919-645-9825  or