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As one of the leading tax credit syndicators in our region, CAHEC actively participates in dozens of affordable housing and community revitalization projects throughout the Southeast and Mid- Atlantic. Check out our news posts below to learn more about what’s happening here at CAHEC and to find the latest news related to our clients, properties, and residents.

Resident Spotlight: Shavon Smalls

CAHEC is proud to be able to share resident stories, just like Shavon’s, that showcase how affordable housing can positively impact families throughout our footprint.

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Employee Spotlight: Irish Farmer

CAHEC has been around for over 29 years, and part of the reason we have been so successful is because of our great partners and residents. The other part of our success is directly attributed to the CAHEC staff, which now includes 47 people.

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Being Prepared for a File Review

I asked our staff for feedback regarding some of the basic issues that they are seeing while performing compliance file reviews of LIHTC properties and do you know what the top recurring theme was?

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Providing Assurance to Tax Credit Investors

Recently, we have seen an increasing number of property dispositions within the 15-year compliance period. While the IRS no longer requires LIHTC recapture bonds, many LP’s are hesitant to allow a change in ownership during the tax credit compliance period.

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Three Nonprofits Receive CAHEC’s Open Doors Homeownership Grant

Since 2004, CAHEC has offered the Open Doors Homeownership Grant to assist nonprofit organizations who develop for-sale affordable housing within our footprint.

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Affordable Housing: One Important Step Towards Creating Safe, Just, and Equitable Communities

There is no doubt that 2020 will be a year to remember. One of the most important events of the year was the brutal killing of George Floyd by members of the Minneapolis police department and the broad and sustained movement for racial justice that it sparked.

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