Passion for Housing

Feb 12 2020

They say that if you do what you love, you never have to work a day in your life. After speaking with Amy Thompson, a Regional Manager for Landmark Property Management Company (LPMC), it was evident that this is a philosophy she lives by.

Amy began her journey in the housing industry two years ago as a property manager at Ridgecrest Apartments. It was shortly after she started there that she knew it was a great fit for her. “Seeing potential residents come in and get qualified for an apartment is really rewarding,” she explained. “There is something about seeing a family sign their lease and giving them the keys to their new home that is so satisfying. I am grateful to be part of each family’s new beginning.”

Before she was a Property Manager, Amy worked for the Chamber of Commerce and explained that her skill set from that position translated into her property management role. “I met so many wonderful people and learned about the great businesses that are in our community while I worked there. Because of that knowledge, I was able to connect residents to various resources that they maybe didn’t know were available to them.”

Now, as a Regional Manager to 11 properties in four states, she motivates her team to continue to be active in the lives of residents. “I always planned events for my residents and tried to celebrate different holidays with them as well. You want it to feel like a community and you want your residents to trust you, so I encourage my team to do the same.” Amy said her team does something at least once a month on their properties and can tell that it’s something the managers and residents both enjoy. “It’s a friendly competition between each of the properties I oversee. They like to know what the other properties are doing, and I think it motivates them to go above and beyond for our residents.”

Each of Amy’s properties are also very active on social media. They post upcoming events, share pictures, and engage with their residents throughout the year. “It’s great for us to have that instant communication with our residents. We can tell them about a new contest, share when we have vacancies, and just be engaged,” Amy shared. According to their most recent social media posts, some residents have a Valentine’s Day Door Decorating Contest and a Conversation & Cookies party to look forward to. “We’re building relationships with our residents while also having a little bit of fun. Community involvement is extremely important and it’s something we take pride in.”

When asked about the most rewarding part of her job, Amy explained it was all about the people she gets to help. “There are people from all walks of life that come in looking for a new place to call home. We see single parents coming in thinking they can’t afford to live there, and you see the hope in their eyes when they find out they qualify. We have grandparents that have taken in their grandchildren and are trying to figure how they’re going to make their tight budget work with new mouths to feed. Everyone has a story and to be able to help them is very gratifying. I never knew how meaningful this work could be until I was given this opportunity. I’m so thankful to LPMC for believing in me and giving me a chance!”

Andrew Hudson, Director of Property Management for LPMC, shared that Amy is very passionate about her team and residents. “She loves what she does, and it shows! Amy has experienced first-hand what a manager can do for a community when they get their residents involved. We are excited to have Amy on our team and really appreciate her love for her job and LPMC!”

CAHEC appreciates having such amazing partners in the field working with the residents we all work so hard to provide housing for. Thank you for all that you and your team do, Amy!