Partners Conference Presentations 2022

The CAHEC Partners Conference promises a congenial opportunity for networking and keeping informed about changes in the tax credit arena.

Download session presentations from the 2022 Partners Conference below.

  1. A Camper’s Guide to Initial Tenant File Reviews & Common Errors (Wednesday 12:30-1:45)Download 
  2. Landlord and Tenant Law: Not Your Usual Campfire Stories (Wednesday 2:00-3:15)Download 
  3. A Roadmap to the DOJ – Accessibility & Maintaining Compliance (Wednesday 2:00-3:15)Download 
  4. Healthy Communities: Health Systems as a Funding Source in Affordable Housing Development (Wednesday 3:30-4:45)Download 
  5. Creating a Crisis Response Plan for Your Camp (Thursday 8:30-9:30)Download 
  6. Summit Up: Rising Costs and Its Impact on Our Industry (Thursday 9:45-10:45)Download 
  7. The Great Resignation: Reversing the Tide (Thursday 11 AM - 12 PM)Download 

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